True or False?

the-winery-sign1. True or False? Will The Wines of Colorado be moving to The Winery at Pikes Peak at some point in the future?

2. True or False? Won’t your two similar venues be in direct competition with each other, especially in the close proximity that they share?

3. True or False? Are there really 19 turns on Highway 24 from Colorado Springs to The Winery at Pikes Peak and The Wines of Colorado coming through the Ute Pass canyon?

4. True or False? Were the “Salt” and “Sugar” closets in the Sweet*Tooth once occupied by fur coats?

1. False. The support of our locals is greatly appreciated. In an attempt to better accommodate our neighborhood, the Parliaments have expanded around the corner to The Winery at Pikes Peak. We now have a place to host you and your out of town guests without crowding out our regular customers at The Wines of Colorado. Our expansion is to provide a VENUE for
private parties that we do not have enough space for at the Wines of Colorado.

2. False. In addition to providing a larger venue for special events, The Winery at Pikes Peak will be serving slightly different foods at the wine bar, including appetizers, designer flatbread pizzas, cheese plates, and quiche to complement the special Winery at Pikes Peak wine tastings.

3. True. There are precisely 19 turns on Highway 24 through the Ute Pass canyon on the way to The Wines of Colorado and The Winery At Pikes Peak. Count them yourself the next time you drive up!

4. True. At one time automobiles were parked inside the building to be used for tours to the top of Pikes Peak. Furs were stored in the closets for those lovely folks from the warmer states that forgot Pikes Peak is a fourteener, where it can snow in August! In addition, we believe Texaco used to occupy the Sweet*Tooth as a drive through gas station.